As technology is developing, the pressure is on manufacturers of all appliances and equipment to include connectivity as part of the product. It is almost sure that in future consumers will insist on buying products that have connected devices that allow them to automate their use and application.

Connected equipment will have the ability to communicate faults in it so that remedial action can be immediately taken. It will allow for a degree of automation that significantly reduces the need for constant supervision. It will also permit the optimization in the use of things that can, in the long run, lead to savings in energy. The scope for such automation is almost unlimited, and may even lead to the things stored in your larder or refrigerator to automatically place orders for replenishment without any need for you to intervene.

Lights and climate control devices even now have the ability to sense the presence of occupancy to enable them to be switched on or off. Extending this to many other things can lead to a lot of savings in time and help to ease life. Every asset will have added value once it has connected devices that enable it to communicate with other machines to take intelligent decisions automatically without any need for human intervention.

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