The Internet Of Things – IOT, Can Help to Reduce Waste and Loss

just one piece of technology we use every dayIn its crude form, the internet of things is often referred to as machine to machine communications.  The internet of things is a network that consists of intelligent device and systems along with the human thought processes. It would involve objects used by us on a day to day basis, like watches, mobile phones, keys household appliances, cars, buildings and many other things that touch our daily lives.

These objects will all have chips or sensors that have an ability to read data while communicating with all other devices that have similar embedded devices. There would be almost no need for any human intervention once a proper instruction is made part of the chip and this would allow all these things to talk to each other, think about their condition and feel the need to make the changes necessary or communicate instructions to other things. At the same time, all these things will have the ability to report their status to us at all times.

The internet of things can, in the long run, advise on the need for maintenance or replacement of parts in machinery, thus reducing maintenance costs and downtime. It can go a long way in developing smart cities that allow for centralized system control of all city utilities.

How I Maintain A Good Mindset

With the everyday stress of work and parenting, I tend to feel burnt out sometimes. This is perfectly normal, but it is certainly frustrating. That is why I decided to find different ways to maintain a good mindset.

One activity that works well for keeping me positive is yoga. Yoga allows me to get a light workout every day, and it also gives me time to meditate. I try to squeeze it in first thing in the morning or before bed. This really helps me feel relaxed and well.

I also decided to start keeping a journal to help maintain a positive mindset. The idea for doing this came from a self-help blog I read. Each day, I journal about the positive things going on in my life. I also vent frustrations if I need to, and this helps clear my mind.

Here’s a quick 5 minute yoga for stress relief:

If you want to learn to maintain a good mindset, you can certainly do so. The two examples I gave are just a few of many options. From playing sports to taking a motivational course, you have tons of choices. Explore what’s out there so that you can start feeling more positive every day. We need to unplug occasionally from the internet and devices, this will help us feel more alive and in the moment. For more on my take on this connection, download my free ebook.

How Are Society And The Internet Connected?

society meets the internetIn today’s world, it seems like every single person is using the Internet. It is a huge part of social interaction among society in general. You might be wondering what makes us so attracted to maintaining social relationships through the Internet.

First, it’s a very convenient way of keeping in touch. We can share our favorite photos, send e-mails, and write our feelings in a matter of seconds. The Internet allows us to instantly share this stuff with other people. It does not get much easier than that.

Using the Internet is also expected among certain groups in society. For example, teenagers and young adults are expected to have smartphones, tablets, and all of the latest apps. This mindset makes us feel more obligated to use the Internet and Internet-based devices.

Your reasons for using the Internet and how it links to society may be unique from the factors listed above. Everyone is different and uses the Internet for their own personal reasons.

However, it is very easy to see how society and the Internet are directly related. The ideas above are simply some food for thought when you are thinking about this unique topic.

Finding Useful Self Help Resources

Every now and again, we all struggle with things in our lives. Some examples include work, finances, family matters, relationships, and parenting. These things can overwhelm us and leave us feeling lots of negative emotions.

Fortunately, there are tons of self-help resources available whenever you need them. They come in many different formats. Videos, blog posts, podcasts, and books are common self-help tools.

You can find these tools covering a huge selection of different topics. For example, there are blogs and guides for people who want to improve their finances and make more money. There are workbooks available for people who suffer from anxiety and depression.

Finding these helpful tools is pretty easy. Just explore the Internet using the right keywords. Open your browser and type in your issue followed by “self-help”. For example, you could type in “money making self-help” or “stress self-help”.

Here’s a good self-help on how to create your website in 30 minutes:

It might take a bit of browsing, but you will definitely find some tools that are right for you. Be patient and give them a chance; these things take time to work in an effective manner. After a bit of time, you will notice many improvements in various parts of your life. As in anything in life, most things are skills, and any skill can be learned.

What Factors Do You Consider In Creating a Cool and Converting Website?

what does a good website containWondering how people would be more apt to download my ebook. Before we get into the meat of this article, we need to define what lead generation is – the way it is defined by today’s marketers. Lead generation is simply the process of gathering the emails and other contact information of your potential customers. You can actually do leads generation in real life,through different avenues like trade exhibits and fairs. However, the most cost-effective way to generate leads is by creating a website. This leads us to the heart of this article, how do you create an effective lead generation website?

While the specifics of the design should be left to a professional web designer, there are certain design principles that must be implemented. One, can you tell right away what the web page wants you to do? Put yourself in the shoes of your website visitor and ask yourself if you know what you need to do when you are on your web page. If you’re not able to answer the question, you need to  redo the design.

Another design principle that you need to incorporate is that sense of urgency. Do you feel compelled to put in your email address and other contact info?

Connected Devices Can Lead to Great Strides in Automation and an Easier Life

As technology is developing, the pressure is on manufacturers of all appliances and equipment to include connectivity as part of the product. It is almost sure that in future consumers will insist on buying products that have connected devices that allow them to automate their use and application.

Connected equipment will have the ability to communicate faults in it so that remedial action can be immediately taken. It will allow for a degree of automation that significantly reduces the need for constant supervision. It will also permit the optimization in the use of things that can, in the long run, lead to savings in energy. The scope for such automation is almost unlimited, and may even lead to the things stored in your larder or refrigerator to automatically place orders for replenishment without any need for you to intervene.

Lights and climate control devices even now have the ability to sense the presence of occupancy to enable them to be switched on or off. Extending this to many other things can lead to a lot of savings in time and help to ease life. Every asset will have added value once it has connected devices that enable it to communicate with other machines to take intelligent decisions automatically without any need for human intervention.

Web Applications, Mobile Apps and What you Don’t Know

What are some key differences between mobile and web applications? Here’s what you might want to know.

If you are like most people, you’re probably wondering what web applications are and how they might be different from other types of applications.

Well, we’re here to tell you that there really isn’t that much difference except fro the fact that web apps are stored on a third-party server and then accessed by users from a browser by typing in the URL of the website that contains that application.  On the other hand, other types of browsers need to be downloaded to a device like a smartphone in order to be useful.

ASP vs web applications:

Sorry to get so nerdy here but…..

Actually, most websites contain web apps. If you take a close look at the definition of what an application is, you will see that this is true. What does an app do? It does something specific for the benefit of its users. Google, for example, is a web application that indexes information and organizes it, enabling user to search for information in library research fashion.

And there are other web apps out there. While some are paid,others are not. And while some are exciting, others are just the opposite of exciting. Need to tackle algebraic equations? There’s the algebra calculator.

Basically, even when you have any web based application made, it’s pretty much a sophisticated website with a very cool interface. Go figure.

App development for mobile vs web

Brace yourself for a little bit of nerdy excitement:

Any company that develops apps actually makes them to be used with multiple platforms, like a desktop computer, a tablet or even a mobile device. This is interesting because the same application interfaces are just crafty browsers without the URL address bar, all they do is call up an internet protocol and serve up information just like you’d find if you visited the application from within a browser. Most folks don’t realize this, which is why mobile app development companies are doing so well in the market right now.

Hiring someone to build out an app for your website is a great way to add emphasis to your branding. This is a new way that fans, customers, consumers, employees, subscribers and the like can easily access your information in real time instead of having to go to a browser to get the info. Apps are also smart for a business because a lot of the data needed to run many kinds of mobile apps can actually sit on the user’s device instead of being served up each time someone queries the server. What that means is that you, as a business, don’t have to spend as much money on data usage through your hosting company.

So I hope this has given you some information on how the internet is getting better and better from every angle. -Elias

I Need A Graphic Design Expert (obviously)

I Need A Graphic Design Expert

help please I am hosting an event next month and I want everything to be perfect. I hired someone to take care of the programs, but I am not sure that they are doing what they should be. As a result, I am going to have to hire another graphic design expert to take over and do the job correctly. while this may seem like a simple task, it is actually quite hard. Not only do I have to find someone who will do a great job, but I have to get them to create a winning piece of work in a very short time.

There is a computer lab near my home and a lot of teenagers go there after school. I am thinking about giving one of them a shot to see what they can do. They have classes at the lab and I know that some of the students are very good at what they do. I know that I may be able to get one of them to do it right away, but there is no guarantee that they will design the programs well. I have to weigh the pros and cons before moving forward.

The Internet of Things, Thought and Consciousness

Society is marked these days with a certain discontent that seems to be growing. It feels like in the global collective there is a split in the consciousness where either people are becoming more present-minded or more future-paced. At any rate, something is shifting and intend to write about these topics during my retired years. I’d love to spark debates and imaginations where possible, especially among those who consider themselves enlightened.

Finding the true life inside every moment has been a journey for me and I’m glad to say that I’ve overcome some major obstacles in this life. Many of them were self inflicted and could have been avoided. Many of them were at the cost of relationships and happiness. And all of them were because I had nothing but the future in my mind as the only place that I could seem to find anything that made any sense. But getting out of that mindset has helped me so much that I’m here to help you and the rest of the world to awaken inside and find a journey of peace and strength. I intend on doing so by posting thoughtful blogs that highlight glimpses of this reality from around the internet world, and the internet of things.

Please visit often and I welcome your posts / ideas for guest posts if they are creative, unique and have a sense of sanity and consciousness to them. Looking forward to connecting.